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Nothing Heats & Cools Your Home More Efficiently than a Ground Source Heat Pump.


At Fountain Home Services, you’ll enjoy the greatest in year-round indoor comfort ALONG WITH the lowest possible heating and cooling costs with a geo-thermal (or, ground source) heat pump.

These are combined heating and cooling systems. While they typically cost a little more to install vs. separate heating and cooling systems, you’ll more than make up the difference in annual energy savings.

How They Work

Geothermal heat pumps rely on the stable, even heat of the earth to provide heating, air conditioning and, in most cases, hot water. In Dutchess and surrounding counties, the below-ground temperature during the winter stays at about 54 degrees F, so there’s no risk of freezing. Equally important, that constant temperature is warmer than the air above ground.

In the winter, a heat pump moves the heat from the earth into your house. In the summer, they pull the heat from your home and discharge it into the ground. Studies show that approximately 70% of the energy used in a geothermal heat pump system is renewable energy from the ground. The earth's constant temperature is what makes geothermal heat pumps one of the most efficient, comfortable, and quiet heating and cooling technologies available today.

Annual energy savings range from 30% - 40%, so take a look at your recent energy bills and see what that kind of savings can mean to you!

Earn a $1,500 Federal Tax Credit.

As part of the federal government’s stimulus package, you can now earn a 30% tax credit up to $1,500 on an Energy Star certified heat pump system for even greater savings. 

When you call to schedule your no-obligation quote and proposal, we’ll also let you know about any manufacturer and/or utility company rebates that might be available at that time.

So do your home and your budget a favor, and contact Fountain Home Services today for more information on heat pump system of your own.

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