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Water Filtration

More than 95% of all U.S. household water supplies are contaminated to some extent. Most contaminants pose little if any health risks, but that doesn’t mean they may not be causing you headaches!

At Fountain Home Services, we offer today’s most effective means to eliminate the results of hard and acidic water conditions. We can purify your water – city or well – for better taste and improved health…we can also test and remedy your water supply from the effects of radon, industrial waste, and other more serious contaminants.

We offer whole-house and single-source solutions. Lots of our customers, for example, opt for purified water at their kitchen sinks for drinking and cooking purposes. In the process, they save hundreds of dollars per year on bottled water…and so can you.

Hard Water…the Most Common of All Water Problems.

Water is considered hard if it contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. If you’ve ever seen drinking glasses washed in hard water, you’ve probably noticed the milky haze that won’t rinse away. Or you’ve seen the whitish scaly deposits on your faucets, shower doors or tea kettle. What’s worse is the damage these deposits can inflict by causing scale to build up inside your pipes, faucets and appliances such as water heaters, washing machines and dish washers.

The problems caused by hard water are not limited to plumbing and appliances. Hard water affects laundry with increased detergent use, faster fading of colors – or yellowing of whites – and shortened fabric life. Bathing and showering in hard water will dry out and dull skin and hair.

The waste hard water creates each year costs many hundreds of dollars in appliance and plumbing repairs, extra laundry detergent, fabric softeners, fabrics that lose their usefulness, household cleansers, soaps, shampoos, and more.

Whatever the Problem, Come to the Fountain…of Cleaner & Softer Water.

Call Fountain Home Services today for a no-obligation water analysis…and expert recommendations you can depend on. For your sake, and that of your family.

We look forward to this and every opportunity to serve you.

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