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Hot Water Solutions

“Who Turned Off the Hot Water?”

Sad to say, but more often than not, the hot water usually shuts itself off…caused either by old age, a water supply that no longer or meets your family’s needs, or any other number of potential problems.

The fact is, most water heaters have an expected “life span” of 10-12 years. At Fountain, we do all we can to help keep it running longer and more efficiently…and to make sure you get the best value and system for your money when it’s time for “new.”

We service all names and brands and offer a variety of solutions to help give you current system a healthy boost. These include:

  • Water alarm – goes off when your water heater leaks, allowing you to take corrective action before the problem grows worse;
  • Pressure regulator – keeps water pressure from exceeding a pre-set limit…that protects the unit and connecting pipes from leaking or bursting;
  • Timer – causes your water heater to draw power only when you need hot water. That saves you money on energy and prolongs the life of your unit.

How to Trouble-Shoot Your Water Heater to Help Save You Money.

Here are several steps you can employ – or call us to lend a hand – when certain telltale symptoms arise.

  • No Hot Water – If you have an electric water heater and the water turns cold, make sure the breaker hasn't tripped. Press the reset button on the thermostat inside the access panel if a tripped breaker isn't the problem.
  • If your hot water is discolored or taking a long time to replenish, you may have a buildup of sediments inside your tank. If this is the case, you'll need to drain the tank completely and flush it with clean water.
  • If your plumbing gets noisy, check the water heater's temperature settings. It might be too hot, and the noise may be the result of steam building up in the pipes.
  • If you detect a sulfuric odor, it could mean an excess build up of bacteria inside the tank. A good dose of chlorine will usually take care of the problem. (Consult your owner's manual for the recommended dosage, or contact Fountain for assistance.)

When it’s Time for New

Today, you have a tremendous alternative to the typical storage-tank water heater system.

Water heaters, by definition, deliver hot water without the need for a storage tank. They also deliver hot water “on demand.” You turn on the hot water faucet, and the water is hot immediately.

The amount of hot water you consume and how often you need it at two or more sources (your shower and washing machine, for example) at the same time will help us determine what exactly to recommend: two or more smaller units, a “whole-house” system, and so on.

And like storage tank units, tankless heaters are available in both gas and electric. Either way, you’ll reduce water consumption because of the “on demand” feature. You’ll also reduce your energy consumption since you won’t need to continually heat water as you must with your storage tank unit.

More Solutions for Uninterrupted Hot Water Service.

For questions, immediate service, or a no-obligation quote and proposal on a replacement water heater system, contact the plumbing professional at Fountain Home Services today.

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