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You may not see us physically at our Main Street location, but YES we are still here and serving our customers. We have moved locally nearby. The phone and email all stay the same so please call us for any needs.

Heating & AC

We Take Care of Your Systems Now,
So They’ll Take Better Care of You Down the Road.

That’s we recommend an annual tune-up, cleaning and inspection of your heating and cooling system. Without annual maintenance, just like without routine service on your car, you’re practically “begging” for problems to occur. We do our best to help you prevent them.

Annual Cleaning, Tune-up & Inspection.

At Fountain Home Services, we perform many critical steps during our annual system tune-up, including:

  • Clean your filters, and replace them if necessary
  • Check for carbon monoxide or gas leaks
  • Inspect the safety controls
  • Lubricate and inspect all motors
  • Inspect the seals and insulation of your air ducts… heat loss from leaky, un-insulated ducts reduces the efficiency of your heating system by as much as 30%
  • Check and adjust thermostat for accurate system control.
  • Examine and calibrate refrigerant controls (AC).
  • Verify proper amperage and voltage for your compressor and condenser motors (AC).

The end result will be greater year-round comfort, increased system lifespan, reduced incidence of repairs, and lower annual energy costs. Talk about “an ounce of prevention” being worth a pound of cure!!

Expert Repairs

If your current systems are getting up there in years, sooner or later you’re bound to have a repair issue. If and when that time occurs, you can count on Fountain to recommend the right course of action, explain all your options, and get your system back up and running without any unnecessary delays…

…just the way you like it.

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